My name is Thomas Keighley and I have been a videographer my whole career, it is both a passion and a vocation. Everyone now is a potential customer for video production.  Google search engines like to see a video file on your home page as they are considered dynamic content, like a blog.  You actually want to have 3 or 4 videos that are rotated every 3-4 months to show the search engines that your website consists of "dynamic" content...


Settlement Videos


These type of videos consist of the basic disposition of your case at any given time.  They may consist of deposition footage, factual information or any issue you are looking to highlight.

They can be very effective as it is a concise, consistent way for anyone to view....same message, every time.

Drone Videography/Photography


The camera angles a drone provides can be used in site surveys or accident reconstructions.  Also add great production value to your firms website videos which are used for SEO.


Thanks to the lockdown I have had the opportunity to delve deeper into my favorite pastime...audio production.  I am a multi-instrumentalist and the advancements in AI now allow for mixing/mastering professionally ITB(In the Box)....Professional audio recordings by all the big names are now done this way. Let me know when you want to create your next masterpiece.




Professional NYC camera superstore...audio and video equipment for home, office or studio.



Virtual reality....the new normal.  Another example how technology can make our lives easier.