Zoom Video Deposition

I think in a short period of time we will return to the old way of doing things...but in a hybrid manner. The advantages of "attending remotely" will speak for themselves...but sometimes you will have to be in the room with the witness.

Digital Court Reporting

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (think Alexa and Siri) voice to text technology is a reality.  Being that 93% of all cases settle, why not utilize this new technology and if you need a certified transcript at time of trial...do so. I assure you, the accuracy of the text is 100%. We all know how powerful a video deposition can be...with the transcript tied to the video. The "Zoom Era" has transformed the landscape...probably forever. Click on the PDF Link to the right....

HD PIP Technology

Picture in Picture technology was once reserved only for the courtroom....but this no longer has to be the case.  By introducing the documents to the video file you gain two advantages, anyone watching can see the whole picture and you get the witness reaction to what is being shown.

Demonstrative Evidentiary Video

Commonly known as "Day in the Life" films, these videos should be a very powerful tool in your arsenal.  Basically, two different forms: 1. A video that will be tailored to the insurance company or opposing counsel, as a settlement offer. Here you will have a broader

license, and 2. A video tailored to the jury where your license will be much more narrow, so as not to be inflammatory and objected to by opposing counsel. I have done both....

3D Graphics

There is no refuting the fact that we have become a visually spoon fed society...3D motion graphics can portray your message in a way words never will be able to...

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